DECARRT is what we call our agreement that we use as our rules of engagement for our company, Pablow Inc. It is an acronym for the seven terms or steps that we believe contribute to a better environment for our team and ultimately better service and products for our customers.

  1. Daring
  2.    Enjoyable
  3.       Considered
  4.          Accountable
  5.             Reasonable
  6.                Responsible
  7.                   Transparent

It is based upon our mission statement or fundamental  belief that “stepping up” or taking the initiative is required to make any relationship, whether business or personal, a continual and ongoing success. That is, to speak up when we can see that something needs to be said or even when we feel that something is wrong.

Stepping up “perfectly” is not an option, so it is more about learning to do it better and to improve our timing and mastering the quality. So how we go about stepping up or sharing our own view is what these seven steps are about and what we believe, helps our team perform better.

Too many teams, in our view, can have just a few that dominate the stepping up process with too few in the team believing that their view will be listened to and acknowledged.

The DECARRT agreement is designed to encourage contribution from every team member, with the rewards for risk-taking being more than the benefits of staying silent when we have something to say.

Stepping up also explains why the “the customer is always right”. It is that customer (or other) that steps up and shares their feedback, that makes them always right. “Always right” because, they have bothered to step up and share their view and because, in our view, a wise person, in business or in life will realizes that the act of sharing one’s view, regardless or the content or delivery, is imperative if we are going to change and create a better way.

Over the following seven chapters we will endeavor to explain what we mean by these terms and how they play out in the running of Pablow Inc..


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