Welcome to Pablow Inc’s values blog.

After 25 years of working on our personal values we have come pretty close to putting them into some form of format or mission statement for our new business Pablow Inc.

Our mission statement: Dare to object!

It is pretty simple really, where we believe that the most important thing we can do in a business or personal relationship is to take the initiative and object when we feel it is necessary.

That is to speak up when we can see that something needs to be said. Objecting “perfectly” is not an option, so it is more about learning to do it better and to improve our timing, taking a life time to master the objection process.

One person can object and can be countered by another and sometimes it can get messy. So learning to Dare to object by being Enjoyable, Considered, Accountable, Reasonable, Responsible and Transparent will go a long way to making it more successful for all concerned and make it a more constructive and hopefully a more creative process.

The DECARRT agreement is the acronym for the 7 steps that we (Steve, Andrew & Des) have agreed to so far and we think that it is pretty daring to have such a detailed value statement even before we have the actual startup.
…..see our Introduction to DECARRT



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