Observed Ideal Conversation

Here is my rough diagram of an ideal conversation based on the idea that
it is made up of observed converging and diverging incidences.

My hypothesis is that in an ideal conversation
“For every convergence there is an equal and opposite divergence”

That is, after an incidence of convergence in views that it is only natural
that we would get a divergence of views and  over time and conversation, using our agreed values, (eg. Enjoyable-Considered, Accountable-Reasonable, Responsible-Transparent)
we would eventually get another convergence along with its subsequent divergence.

In this example below it is a smooth transition from convergence to divergence and back again. But in a less than ideal conversation/relationship there would be longer periods of
divergence or convergence, skewing the diagram to the left and right.

Of course in a double helix model there is no actual divergence or convergence, just an appearance from the side view. In plan view it would appear to be more like a wagon wheel.



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