Atlassian Cultural Values

Atlassian is about to launch on the NASDAQ and they have included their cultural values in their document.


The following are the key elements of our culture that contribute to Atlassian’s ability to drive customer value and achieve competitive differentiation:

Openness and Innovation—We value transparency and openness as an organization. Since our inception, we have put online all of our product pricing, documentation, knowledge base and record of product enhancements. We believe this approach promotes trust and makes customers more comfortable in engaging with us in our low-touch model. In addition, we are dedicated to innovation and encourage our employees to invent new applications, uses and improvements for our software. We promote invention through our internal, quarterly “ShipIt” hack-a-thon, where employees from all different departments across each of our global locations participate in a 24-hour innovation competition. Each “ShipIt” hack-a-thon results in hundreds of small and large innovations across our products, processes and operations. In addition, we run our company using our own products for a broad range of use cases, which promotes open communication and transparency throughout our organization.
Dedication to the Customer—Customer service and support is at the core of our business. We have four major customer support centers and we strive to provide “legendary service” to our customers. In addition to providing a personal touch, our service team is also encouraged to seek scalable, self-service solutions that customers will love. Our customers span the largest and oldest organizations to early-stage startups, and each and every one receives the same dedicated service. We made the strategic decision to invest in superior service that drives greater customer happiness and breeds positive word-of-mouth rather than build a traditional sales infrastructure.
Team-driven—We were created to serve the needs of teams. Therefore, it is natural that we value teamwork highly and have organized the company to encourage active teamwork. One of our core values, “Play, as a Team”, encourages our employees to be both team oriented and entrepreneurial to identify problems and invent solutions. Teamwork starts at the top of our organization with our unique co-CEO structure and is celebrated throughout our company.
Long-term Focused—We believe that we are building a company that can grow and prosper for decades to come. Our model, which is designed for customer scale, starting small, making important investments and growing with our customers over time requires a patient, long-term approach, and a dedication to continuous improvement. Our investment in research and development is significant relative to traditional software models and is designed to drive long-term sustainability of our product leadership. Given the choice between short-term results and building long-term scale, we choose the latter.


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